This site hosts articles written by members who are part of the OneLoneCoder community. They cover a broad range of topics, anything to do with science and technology really, but with an emphasis towards computer programming and learning to program together.

The community has developed around the output of programming YouTuber Javidx9 who started to produce programming videos in 2017 aimed at all levels of ability, about interesting and often misunderstood algorithms, design strategies and fundamental programming concepts, delivered in an approachable, sometimes daft, yet non-patronising way.

Quite quickly, it became apparent that the real magic of the channel was in the community that developed around it. Through encouraging them to help each other and providing platforms for them to share their work, many have developed their programming and general science skills at a fantastic pace.

Many members are extremely talented, and this site exists to allow them to share their expertise and experience with a wider audience.

If you want to join the community, for now, reach out to a moderator via the Discord server.