Unpopular Opinion #2: Open World Games Suck

The premise of living an alternate life in a different universe is enthralling. It’s what as gamers, we all desire. Those of us of a certain age used our imaginations (self constructed images and thoughts in your head) to try and make the best of what was available to us, in the hope that some day, just maybe, we will be able to actually inhabit the game. Oh it was exciting! As the years passed, we saw glimpses into the future, and it was happening! Finally, our dreams were coming true! Then, it happened, open world games arrived…

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Unpopular Opinion #1: Teach Raw Pointers First

Being the administrator of a large programming Discord server, and the owner of a YouTube channel with a large audience of programming beginners, it is with some frequency that questions about the basics of programming are asked. In fact, it’s often the same questions. This is perfectly fine, after all, the ethos of One Lone Coder can be encapsulated in the phrase:

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How to attribute/credit/cite the olc::PixelGameEngine

Hello! Firstly a big thank you, the fact that you are reading this means you actually care about doing the right thing, and want to acknowledge the software you have used from other developers.

The olc::PixelGameEngine is open source and is released under the OLC-3 licence. This means you can use it freely, even for commercial projects. However, the licence requires that appropriate attribution is required.

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New PixelGameEngine Extension for Animating 2D Sprites

One of the things I struggled with when using the PixelGameEngine was using animated sprites. It wasn’t immediately obvious how to get it to work, so over the Christmas break I decided to make a concerted effort to figure it all out.

The end result was a brand new extension for Javidx9’s PixelGameEngine. So, I would like to present the olcPGEX_AnimatedSprite with a small tutorial on how to use it.

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