Game Review: Superliminal (Spoiler-Free)

Back in October 2019, when things were just bad, not outright terrible, I got sent a request to review a game called Superliminal, by Pillow Castle. As usual, I don’t take up such requests because I don’t want to become beholden to the publisher in anyway and so I politely declined (by ignoring completely). I had seen some trailer footage, and certainly there was a suspicious “hype” campaign, and in all honesty I just dismissed it as yet another “indie” game trying to make a splash. Quickly, it left my radar and I forgot about it.

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Elm or Suck-less front-end

Ok, so, I’m going to talk about Elm, but to understand what follows, there is
two things I might just tell you upfront:

Firstly, I really enjoy functional programming. When I’m not using Java for
school assessments (which I only use because I have to), I mostly use Haskell,
and I’m having a great time with it

Secondly, I’ve always be frustrated with Web front-end. HTML feels clumsy,
JavaScript allows so much in term of paradigms it does not even feel
consistent with itself, and CSS is such a pain for me to write that it does
not take long before I go back writing some terminal user interfaces.

Or at least it was like that until I stumbled upon Elm.

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